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I have been writing and directing my own independent films and videos since the early 1980s. My first film, “75 Terrific Looks”, was shot on a 16mm Bolex camera, the kind you wind up before you shoot –the same way you pretend to wind a camera when you play Charades. You can only shoot 3 minutes at a time with a Bolex, and then you have to wind it up again. So the scenes end up being short and snappy.

In all, I’ve made nine films and one radio documentary. They deal with issues, histories and ideas; sex, and family, and women’s bodies and racism, but they are also funny and hopefully, sometimes, they are beautiful, too. Someone once said to me that I shouldn’t tell people how many films I’ve made, but I like the sound of that “nine”. It’s solid, like the length of a pregnancy, or the amount of lives a cat has. Except that the births and lives are ongoing, one small film after another, every few years. My films don’t generally show on TV (although one did, once), nor can you rent them at Blockbuster. They are small works of art, and it takes a bit of work to obtain them or to find out where they are screening.

My films travel all over the world, and sometimes I travel with them. My films have screened in Korea, Australia, Germany, Italy, Holland, the UK, and all over the U.S. and Canada. You can get most of them through the distributors on this page. If you are an academic, or even a student, and you want to see or screen my work, get your campus library to buy a copy. If you are just an ordinary person not affiliated to an institution, contact me directly and we’ll work something out.

Flesh and Blood: A Journey Between East and West, video, 25 mins., 2006.
An experimental documentary about Eastern Europe, queer sexualities, Andy Warhol, and notions of ethnic/sexual shame and pride, set against the chaos of post-independence Ukraine.
Available through Moving Images Distribution.

Everything But Silence, documentary, 14 mins., CBC Radio, January 2004.
Role: Writer, Director.
A radio essay about my brother, a Vancouver street musician, who passed away in 2002. Interviews with other buskers and Roman’s friends and family, walks through his neighbourhood, and his music, help me to map my own geography of grief and acceptance.

Unspoken Territory 16mm film, 2001, 60 mins.
Role: Writer, Director,Producer.
A docu-drama exploring the history of racist and xenophobic acts Canada, from the internment of Ukrainians in 1914, to the harassment of Arab Canadians during the first Guld War, told via interviews and dramatic re-enactments.
Distributed by Moving Images Distribution and Video Out.

Nancy Drew & the Mystery of the Haunted Body Video, 1998, 45 mins. Role: Writer, Director,Producer.
An experimental drama exploring Nancy Drew, Freudian theory, and trauma, using the detective/film noir genre. This film unpeels the complexities of memory, the unconscious and the nuclear family.
Distributed by Video Out and VTape.

Bodies in Trouble Video, 1991, 15 mins.
Role: Writer, Director,Producer.
An experimental narrative about public queer sex and private queer desires.
Distributed by Video Out and VTape

Night Visions Video/film, 1989, 60 mins.
Role: Writer, Director,Producer.
A soap-operatic drama about friendship between two women of diverse cultures and different sexualities.
Distributed by Video Out and VTape

Playing With Fire Video, 1986, 75 mins.
Role: Writer, Director,Producer.
A comical cross-class romance, set against the cityscape of inner city Toronto.
Distributed by VTape

Bullets for a Revolution Video, 1985, 35 mins.
Role: Co-Writer, Co-Director
In this activist documentary, a well-meaning group of Canadian solidarity workers travel south at Christmas-time to pick coffee in a remote rural co-operative.
Distributed by VTape

No Small Change: The Story of the Eaton's Strike Video, 1984, 45 mins.
Role: Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer.
Documentary about female retail workers taking on a retail giant.
Distributed by VTape

75 Terrific Looks 16 mm film, 1981, 15 mins.
Role: Writer, Director
An experimental film about the politics of fashion and the fashion of politics.
Distributed by Atlantic Filmmakers’ Co-op.


  • Inside Out Film Festival, Toronto, May 2006
    “Flesh and Blood”
  • Global Queeries Conference, Museum London, May 2006
    “Flesh and Blood” (Solo)
  • Innis Town Hall, Toronto, April 2006
    Premiere Screening: “Flesh and Blood: A Journey Between East and West” (Solo)
  • Console-ing Passions: Feminism TV & Video Conference, New Orleans Louisiana, June 2004:
    “Unspoken Territory”
  • University of British Columbia, “Anti-Racism Film Festival”, April 2004,
    “Unspoken Territory”
  • The Western Front Gallery,Vancouver, February 2003,
    “Eternal Network” (Group Show).
  • One World Film Festival, Ottawa Ontario, October 2002:
    “Unspoken Territory”.
  • University of Arizona, Tucson, February 2002:
    “Nancy Drew & the Mystery of the Haunted Body”.
  • Blinding Light Cinema, Vancouver, July 2002:
    “Unspoken Territory”. (Solo Screening)
  • The Western Front, Vancouver, November 2001:
    Vancouver premiere of "Unspoken Territory" (Solo)
  • Begine Cinema, Berlin, Germany, May 2001:
    Screenings of "Nancy Drew & the Mystery of the Haunted Body" and "Unspoken Territory" (Solo)
  • Women in the Director's Chair International Film Festival, Chicago, March 2001:
    Screening of "Nancy Drew..."
  • World Community Film Festival, Courtenay, BC: February 2001:
    Screening of "Unspoken Territory"
  • Berlin Lesbian Film Festival, Oct. 2000:
    Screenings of "Unspoken Territory" and "Nancy Drew..."
  • San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival: June 2000:
    "Nancy Drew & the Mystery of the Haunted Body".
  • Turin Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Turin, Italy: April 2000:
    "Nancy Drew..."
  • Seoul International Queer Film & Video Festival, Seoul, Korea, February 2000:
    Screening of "Nancy Drew..."

Some other places where my films can be found….

  • National Gallery of Canada
  • National Archives of Canada
  • Canada Council Art Bank
  • King’s College University
  • Simon Fraser University
  • University of British Columbia